Event Access Like Never Before

Connect your brand with large metro and grassroots events.

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How It Works

  • Event participants are invited into the event's Virtual Race Bag
  • Visitors to the bag save offers from local sponsors and National Brand Partners
  • Our system places your offer in front of participants up to 5 times over 2 weeks
  • Participants redeem their saved offers online or with your retail channel partners
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Why it Works

  • Unlike most online media placements, your offer IS the content
  • Highly engaged audience that is looking for your marketing message
  • Participants have a limited amount of time to view and save offers
  • We limit the number of National Brands per bag = category exclusivity
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Our Portfolio and Pricing

  • Reach over 2.5MM active adults (100K to 300K per month)
  • Events ranging from local 5Ks to destination marathons, triathlons and mud runs
  • Our audience is approximately 55% Female / 45% Male; ages 25-45
  • Campaigns start at 100K participants and are priced per participant reached