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Case Study: Red Fox Wireless

Red Fox Wireless drives growth and revenue through campaigns on the platform.

Red Fox Wireless is an emerging brand with a series of products targeted at the active lifestyle athlete. Their key initatives are to effectly, efficiently spread brand awareness and acquire new customers. Being a new brand, Red Fox needed to find the most effective way to reach the target audience to introduce their products at a time of peak engagement. With limited, yet growing distribution through retail channels, the focus was set on digital communications. We met the team from Red Fox in line for a cup of coffee in Austin. After a short conversation, it was clear the Virtual Event Bags platform could help them achieve their goals. Through our continued conversation, we collaborated to configure a plan to meet their objectives and got started.

What was the plan and how did it perform? Red Fox decided to on a plan to reach all the participants across our portfolio of events for a series of months. The created an offering which focused on special product discount (only available through Virtual Event Bags events) and the sales were executed through our private e-commerce store which provides a seamless path to increase customer conversion. With the high-volume reach and ease of driving conversion, our platform helped Red Fox quickly realize success they envisioned to meet their goals. As a result of this continued success of their program, Red Fox Wireless is now a staple offering for all endurance events on the Virtual Event Bags platform.

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