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Marketing for Events: What’s a Photo Worth?

KingofPops InstagramIt comes as no surprise that social media has exploded with the sharing of photos. Savvy small businesses have taken advantage of this trend to get involved in the UGC (User Generated Content) game so they can "co-create" the marekting message with their customers.

But what about Events? Can you, as an event organizer leverage photo content to help stay in the flow with your prospective attendees and participants? Absolutely!

Inspiration is all around us. Look no further than many of the small-to-medium businesses in your market.  One of our favorites is King of Pops. They have taken a twist on the food truck craze and "pop-up" at random spots throughout the city, using social media (especially Instagram) to create buzz and awareness.

For some guidance on how to do this, consider a recent article in by our friend Perry Evans, who is Founder of Closely, creators of Perch, a social media management platform for small business. His words of wisdom are summarized below:

  1. Monitor Photos About Your Event – use hashtags frequently to make it easy to pull together relevant photos from across a variety of social networks.
  2. Encourage Photo Sharing – this can be the perfect vehicle to create conversation about your event during the months far removed from the actual date of the event!
  3. Join in the Share Party – this takes some time, but consider starting slowly by commenting on some of your favorite pics by the followers of your business.
  4. Create Photos – get creative and even consider sponsoring contests to get the buzz started. Even better, consider involving your Sponsors in some of these photo sharing contests.

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Social media is definitely not free for business, because it takes your time and creative energy, but you can get started simply with the power of a picture … worth 1,000 words!

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