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Best Practice: First-Time Customer Gets 49 Sponsors

Sue Mattison, co-director for the Weston Memorial Day 5K, found amazing success this year using Virtual Event Bags. Despite being a small event and a first time user of the platform, Sue was able to get 49 offers into her bag. What’s her trick? Sue shares her advice on how to sell new sponsorships:

“ My best advice is to create a mock ad for a potential sponsor and send it as a screen shot. First of all, most sponsors may not know what a Virtual Event Bag is. Second, they may not be able to figure out how [an offer in an event bag] would work for them.”

Sue proposes the following steps:

  • Take the nicest image from their website then take one minute and dump it into the offer builder.
  • Look for an image that is crisp and clear and has tons of energy.
  • Put the company name in… and mark it this is not a valid offer (for demonstration purposes only).
  • Screen shot it then email it to your sponsor.

Sue explains further, “These steps show them 1. What the virtual bag is. 2. How great your sponsor’s company looks in the ad. 3. How easy it will be for them to just keep what you done and add some text. 4. How concerned you are about their business because you marked it not valid, for demonstration – to protect them. Now they see what they can get and they see that you care.”

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