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Technology Train – All Aboard!

Are you producing an event or thinking about starting one? If so, have you thought about the best ways to utilize technology so your event will flourish, not just survive?

Let me give you an example from my professional background of sponsorship sales and management. People say, “you’re that sponsorship guy…can you help me get sponsors?” Most of the time my answer is, “Yes I am! And no I can’t help you. Your event really can’t afford a full-service sponsorship sales agency and the agency needs large events to sell.”

This is why we launched, to provide events of all sizes the tools through technology to sell and manage sponsorships faster and easier. This is what technology is all about!

It’s why Virtual Race Bags created a technology to save you and your sponsor time and money, and give you the ability to track results for your sponsors!

Are you seeking sponsorships for your event? It’s a competitive market out there with hundreds of thousands of events seeking this elusive revenue stream. Are you using technologies to power your sponsorship platform? If not, you better get onboard before others pass you by.

That pretty much goes for everything you do. Are you using the latest technology to stoke the flames of your event fire?

I love Virtual Race Bags (and I am not a paid spokesperson)! Why? Because they have cool offices, smiling employees, and most importantly, VRB has cracked the code for digital sponsorship delivery and tracking.

I’m not writing this to sell you on VRB, oh no, they do a GREAT job of that! OK, enough with the shameless plugs, right?!?!. I’m writing this to encourage you to embrace technology. Also, to share with you a technology checklist (with a few technology tips and suggestions). Are you using technology to improve:

  • Marketing – have an intern list your events on the many free online calendars like
  • Public Relations – subscribe, follow and post your news on
  • Race Directing Software – provides cloud-based tools for you and your team to manage all the details of producing an event
  • Sponsorship Sales and Management – while provides tools to better sell and manage your sponsorships be sure to follow for the latest industry trends
  • General and Administrative – major resources like Quickbooks Online save accounting time. Use to present your next proposed course changes to a municipality online rather than drive 300 miles to do it in person. Receive faxes in your inbox from

Yes, it takes time to learn new software technologies but imagine how much time you save now by using an e-mail marketing software platform like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp.

Yes, technology is a financial investment. But I ask you, have you been doing events long enough to remember doing “paper registrations?” Would you ever go back to that to save a few bucks? No, because you are making more money and saving more time by using online registration! 

If you did go backwards your business would probably fail because you’d be wasting time and losing money. Your competition would eat your lunch after they punch their ticket on the Technology Train in route to their final destination, success!

So what are you waiting for? All aboard the Technology Train!

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