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What’s New: Platform Updates for March

New Features & UpdatesIt's that time again. Our development team has been hard at work adding more features and building blocks to the platform. Each day as we interact with our customers and watch as bags are built and shared, we discover helpful new features and interesting ways to make things better. As we make updates we focus on one key goal – make it easier for events to connect their sponsors to participants through the digital goody bag for their event.

Hold on to your hats. Here are the details on the new features:

Custom Theme for Standard Bags
Do you love the idea of using a custom theme but want to use the Standard bag? Good news. If you have a Standard bag you can upgrade your bag to unlock Customization for only $100 (added to your existing service fee). The process is simple – go check it out. Inside your bag, click on the Customization tab and follow to two-step upgrade process. Viola!

Build Your Bag
Knowing each step in bag process is vital. On the Overview section of each bag you will find a Build Your Bag task list. The list shows each required step in the process and the status of each step. You can easily navigate to through links to the section where you complete each task. This update has been long in the making, but obvious enough from our point of view that you would think this section was always in the bag. Now you will always know what's next.

As we continue to unfold the development road map you can expect to see many new features or process updates released. Stay tuned!

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