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New Feature Alert – Custom Themes for Standard Bags!


We are excited to announce that events using the Standard Bag service level can now add a custom theme to their bag for only $100!  When we rolled out the Premium Bag last year, we had a large number of customers who really liked the ability to customize the theme (colors, background image, etc.) but could not justify the leap from Standard to Premium, so we decided to take this popular feature and make it available as an optional add-on for any event at the Standard level!

What is a Custom Theme?

Event organizers spend a lot of time, effort and resources building their brand and the digital goody bag should be part of that.  A custom theme enables the event to change the colors throughout the bag to match their brand theme and/or logo.  In addition, the event can also upload an image that serves as the background for both the bag and the offer builder, which makes for a vibrant, eye-catching user experience.

How to Add a Custom Theme

  • If your event is using the Standard Bag, it is easy to include the custom theme (Premium bags include this feature).
  • Go to your dashboard
  • Click into the Standard event, then click on the "Customize" tab
  • Agree to add the custom theme and presto! You can now customize your theme!
  • Check out our gallery to see some examples of how other events have used the custom theme

Take advantage of the custom theme option and your bag may get added to our gallery for other event organizers to see!

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