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Marketing Tips from Jimmy Fallon

What can Jimmy Fallon teach event organizers about marketing to millenials?  A lot.  Jimmy is the master at marketing to millenials and understands that, in the digital era, marketing is a conversation not a monolgue.

Those of you in the endurance industry who attended the Running USA industry conference earlier this year may remember keynote speaker Jeff Fromm, EVP of Barkley and author of Marketing to Millenials.  His blog post analyzes Jimmy Fallon’s approach to millenial marketing and produces a “top five” list, repurposed below.

  1. Make the audience feel like they are in on the joke
  2. Use positive humor instead of cynical sarcasm
  3. Incorporate stories that Millennials can relate to
  4. Don’t be afraid to be silly.  Millennials appreciate brands that don’t put themselves on a pedestal
  5. Have fun.  When Millennials see their favorite celebrities laughing and playing with other, it makes them seem more relatable.  This same concept holds true for brands aiming to create a comedic campaign geared towards Millennials.

I am not a millenial, but what I find interesting is that these five principles are appealing to me as well.  I like being in on a joke.  I like “positive humor.” Who doesn’t want to have fun? This approach, therefore, is not just for millenials, but for Gen X, Gen Y and other generations above and below.  It really comes back to the “voice” of your event.

Are you strong enough to be vulnerable?  Confident enough to be honest?

Read the full post from Jeff Fromm here.

Photo credit: NBC’s The Tonight Show

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