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New Pricing for the Ultimate Virtual Goody Bag

Get a Virtual Race Bag for $500 per bagWe are excited to announce new pricing for the Virtual Race Bags platform.  Now any event in the U.S. and Canada, regardless of the number of participants, can pay one low, flat fee of only $500 for the ENTIRE platform!

Why the change?  We heard from events big and small that they want to be able to offer their participants and sponsors a high-quality digital goody bag, but weren’t able to do so because of the cost.  So we eliminated that hurdle by moving to one, low price.  The price is so low, in fact, that it even beats a do-it-yourself approach.

Many of our clients have had success selling placements in their Virtual Race Bags to sponsors and local merchants for fees ranging from $200 to more than $1,500, so with a price for the platform of only $500, it is easy to see how it can be used as another tool to generate revenue.

Companies organizing 6 or more events per year can take advantage of multi-event pricing.  Contact us to learn more or if you want to get more details from your Sales Rep.

See the press release on Endurance Sportswire.

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