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The Engaging Value Behind a Claim

new claiming offers imageParticipants love being showered with value and have come to expect events to deliver the goods. Based on this reality, our product development team has been in the lab working on communicating and expressing the value of the digital goody bag, to event participants. Today, we are pleased to announce one of the biggest product updates in our history.

Introducing the Claim. Starting next week, we move from telling participants to visit the bag, to inviting them to claim their race bag. Sounds simple right?

This first step is semantic and, while interesting, the next step of interacting with the offers inside the bag, is the real magic.

Since the beginning, we have offered forms of "engagement," which are fundamentally straight-forward in the digital world – print or visit website. Asking to print assumes the participant is sitting behind a desktop PC or laptop with access to a printer. Offering a link to visit a company website, assumes the participant is interested in learning about this company right now. These actions have shown good performance, but our aim is toward best.

With the launch of this new product update, all offers in the goody bag are available for visitors to claim. We invite participants to first claim their bag, and then claim all of the offers they want to keep. Sound familiar? Pick up your bag, sort through the schwag (offers), keep what you want…

What does this mean for event organizers? Now you can share with your sponsor companies, who place an offer in the bag, a more direct statistic. How many participants claimed your offer, is powerful, and answers the age old mystery of measuring how an offer performs, which establishes return-on-investment (ROI).

As you can tell, this is an exciting product update and we are on the edge our seats waiting to share more about how participants, event directors and event sponsors will garner value from this release. Stay tuned.


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