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Overwhelmingly Positive: The University of Oklahoma’s Experience

Highlights of This Post

  • The three reasons why OU chose to use Virtual Event Bags.
  • How they used it to bring life to the University community.

People recognize the University of Oklahoma for being the home of the Sooners and a proud educational institution of the Midwest! For a freshman, the new year starts with new student orientation and move-in day, and this year the housing department wanted to try something new.

The Problem
Every year Staci and the housing team would put together thousands of informational packets to include in the rooms for freshman once they had moved in. These packets take time, manpower, money, and there is no way of knowing if students look at it! Staci’s a-ha moment came to her when she received a Virtual Event Bag for participating in the Oklahoma City Marathon. Bingo! She knew she had found a solution to her packet stuffing problems. Not only would this save her time, but she would be able to track all of the engagement that would occur within the bag.

Saying Yes
After reviewing the platform via an online demo, there were three features that made a yes an easy decision for the housing department.

  1. Saving Time and Manpower
    With every Bag, there is a handy tool called “The Content Builder.” The concept we developed is “You invite, they build.” Staci sent out invitations to the content builder, and within a three-week period, OU Housing had over 50 placements!
  2. Traceability
    Data and traceability are some of the best features the bag offers. Every department or business that creates a placement receives a detailed report of who engaged with them. This reporting is a big upgrade from paper packets that give no idea whatsoever!
  3. Including The Community
    Not only would they include On-Campus departments but this would give them a chance to connect students to the local businesses within the university community. Staci took a unique approach and presented the opportunity of the bag to all members of the local chamber of commerce. As quoted above, the response was overwhelming, and chamber placements made up almost 40% of the placements submitted.

“We started inviting people to participate in the bag, and the response has been overwhelming positive.” – Staci Johnson, Marketing and Communications OU Housing and Food


Oklahoma is off to a great start because they set specific goals that they executed quickly and efficiently. What goals do you have for move-in as a University, is creating an overwhelming positive community one of them? Help connect students, whether it be off campus or on campus, with those who will make the next four years of their life unforgettable.

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