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Introducing the Ultimate Plan & Mobile App Promotion

We are happy to announce our latest feature updates and we know you are going to love them as well! These features include the creation our the robust, work-horse Ultimate plan and the ability for events to easily promote their mobile apps inside their bags.

Highlights of this Article

  • Introducing the Ultimate plan – perfect for events with high-volume of exhibitors or sponsors.
  • Learn how you can promote your mobile app from within your bag – available for all plans!

The Ultimate Plan

After discussions and discoveries in the broader event market, we found the need to craft a more robust offering of features which shaped our new Ultimate plan. The goal of creating this plan was to provide a solution for events with high numbers of exhibitors and sponsors or events with greater need to provide more methods for audience engagement. We compiled the list below to share details about each feature included in the new plan.

Search – We are super excited about this feature! When visitors arrive in the bag they can search for a specific placement by clicking the search button at the top of the bag. This is great for visitors who want to quickly find of a specific company without scrolling through all of the content.

Content Tags – Expanding on the search feature, we created the ability for events to tag content which enables visitors to filter the bag content by a tag. For example, if an exposition is divided into groupings of exhibitors – such as Climbing Zone, Paddle Zone, Yoga Zone, etc. – then the organizer can create content tags to match their zones. Then they assign the relevant tag to the content in each zone. When visitors come to the bag they can filter the bag by tag. This feature speeds up browsing and discovery of content in the bags. Now events can have hundreds of placements in their bags and provide a great solution for visitors to engagement with the contents.

Appointments – When your exhibitors or sponsors objective is scheduling appointments at their booth during the show, this feature quickly makes this connection happen. This new placement category enables the visitor to request an appointment with a couple clicks.

Event RSVP – Your exhibitors or sponsors who host mini-events at their booth or other locations (ie: booth happy hours or offsite evening receptions) now have the ability to capture RSVP right inside the bag. Like the appointments category, when the visitor comes to the bag the can discover the mini-event and RSVP with a couple clicks.

Customize Engagement Lists – Your exhibitors and sponsors benefit from knowing as much information possible about the visitors engaging with their content in the bag. In the Ultimate plan you have complete control of the information in the engagement lists – (ie: Company Name, Title, Email, etc.)

White-Label Solution – In the Ultimate plan, all of the “Powered by Virtual Event Bags” labels are hidden which provides your event a white-labeled or visually independent solution.

Mobile App Promotion

With a growing number of events using mobile apps to engage digitally with their audience, a key objective is to promote mobile app downloads. Our platform not only works as a module inside your mobile app, but now you can activate a new banner section in your bag to link visitors directly to Apple’s AppStore or Google Play to download your mobile app. Check out this short video for a quick walk-through of the feature.

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