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Visit Tallahassee delivers offers from local businesses to visitors

Visit Tallahassee supports hundreds of events with thousands of visitors

Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) exist to help facilitate the interaction between events, visitors and local businesses to help stimulate their economies. One method of doing so is to ensure that people visiting the city to attend events also visit the restaurants, attractions, retailers and other businesses in the market.

So many events, so many businesses, so many visitors

How does a leanly staffed CVB efficiently connect local businesses to visitors through events? Until now, its been nearly impossible, but with Virtual Event Bags, CVBs can now easily collect, distribute and report on content from businesses for the benefit of visitors.

The platform does all the work

Using our company invitation tool, Visit Tallahassee invites member businesses to participate in the program. Businesses get direct access to our offer builder tool, which enables them to create, preview and submit their offer. Visit Tallahassee now has a bag full of local offers that they can easily share with the events they support.

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