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techsytalk goes digital to facilitate engagement for sponsors

Liz King Events is a forward-thinking event planning firm committed to strategically implemented brand events and a high-caliber guest experience. LKE also powers, an online platform that exists to bridge the gap between event technology and the event planner. LKE designed techsytalk LIVE as a full-day conference to educate event planners on technology. Our goal is to design an interactive, educational experience specifically created For Planners, By Planners.

Q: You implemented the bag less than 30 days before your event. How did your sponsors respond?

LKE and techsytalk are focused on the integration of technology to enhance the attendee experience. Because of this, we get the opportunity to work with a lot of different technology platforms. I was amazed at how easy it was to get started. For event organizers, timing is everything so we released the bag to our exhibitors once they had all the other critical information to us (attendee names, slides, logos etc.). Because they weren’t being bombarded by a thousand other emails, we were able to get pretty quick participation from everyone.

Q: What feedback did you get from your sponsors?

Our sponsors loved it, for several reasons: 1) Attendees are invited into the bag before the event, so our sponsors were able to create awareness prior to the event. And, attendees came back to the bag over and over during and post event. 2) The process of creating, editing and submitting an offer was simple, even without graphics expertise. 3) Sponsors had the opportunity to get creative and embed video, link to free demos and even offer starbucks gift cards.

Q: What about attendees, how did they respond?

We received overwhelming positive feedback from attendees. It eliminated the burden of having to carry, sort and trash marketing material not relevant for them and it was readily available to them before, during and after the event. Also, being a digital society, a click is always easier than a postcard!

Q: What types of events do you recommend consider adding a Virtual Event Bag?

Honestly, any event. Whether you have sponsors or not, you will always have some event-related information to provide attendees. Think of anything you would put in an email, on a website or in a bag and it can more efficiently live inside the Virtual Event Bag.

Special Note: LKE did a first-class job integrating the Virtual Event Bag with the event. Email invitations were sent before and after the event, a link was included in their mobile app (powered by Double Dutch) and they referenced information within the bag throughout the day. Because of this, nearly 80% of their attendees visited the bag and came back nearly 5x, leading to great results for sponsors!

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