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How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Event

Are you using social media to promote your Event? If you aren’t it’s never too late to start. Social media is THE place to spread the word about your event, not to mention that it is free!

Here are 5 ways that you can promote your event through social media.

1. Make sure that you are signed up for all relevant social sharing sites for your event
To my surprise a lot of people only have either Facebook or Twitter. You could be excluding a major part of your audience by promoting your event through only one channel. If it seems like juggling multiple platforms is too much to handle, check out a social media management system like Hootsuite.

2. Add your twitter feed to your event website
When people visit your event page they are either thinking about attending your event or are already signed up. Either way, help build excitement by showing your twitter chatter on the side on your event page. Seeing the chatter might help boost the momentum or sway those who are on the fence about attending.

3. Highlight your sponsors
Don’t just talk about how great your event will be, show your attendees by highlighting your sponsors or guest speakers on social media. The gesture can be as simple as “Did you see Bob’s shoe store is doing a giveaway contest for a pair of Nike running shoes?! Go check out their offer and enter to win now!” If you are a conference and have a guest speaker, talk about the guest speaking- give them a shout out. Maybe put a short video clip up about the speaker or simply mention what they will be discussing.

4. Create a hashtag
Hashtags are all the rage right now. It allows people to connect and share how they interact with your event. Lets say you are an endurance event and you want everyone to take a selfie at mile 3. Your hashtag could be #smileatmile3. Mention this hashtag everywhere! Hashtags are a great way for your attendees to show their friends and family what they are up to, it allows them to connect with other attendees, and most importantly, it connects them to you.

5. Use Video

Whether it be an animated GIF like this awesome one here, or a short video, people love to see that you are fun! You are telling a story with an animation and there are so many tools out there that make it easy to create videos and GIFS.

Tell us how you are using social to promote your event.

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