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Photo by Tanya Musgrave

Let’s talk about the modern bride, and by modern, I mean the word everyone is throwing around these days: Millennials. Millennials are the generation born between 1982 and 2005. According to Forbes, “There are eighty million Millennials in America alone and they represent about a fourth of the entire population, with $200 billion in annual buying power.” That’s a lot of power, and no business can afford to lose out on that!

So how can a Virtual Event Bag give you a piece of that business? Sir Peter Blake said, “New technology is common, new thinking is rare.” We want to show you a new way of thinking, and how our platform helps create an enhanced experience for your brides, your exhibitors, and your business.

Every bride wants one thing: to have everything organized to silence her stress and get lost in the perfect moments of her wedding day. Your vendors invest in your event because of the quality of the brides that you bring and they all want the same thing for the brides visiting their booth. They want her to get lost in the experience of feel, touch, taste and emotion of their service. They want her to feel that her big day couldn’t possibly be perfect unless she has them!

But as much as brides wish to get lost in the moment, they won’t be able to unless she feels confident in her preparation and organization. She has been pinning and planning on sites like Pinterest for months. Give her confidence by providing a similar visual format that she has already come to rely on and trust.

Let a Virtual Event Bag be the millennial brides peace of mind.

Imagine if she could walk into your show confident that she won’t miss a thing. Knowing that for the next few hours, she can rest easy because everything she will need to remember and document has been done. Offer it to her already organized, in a central location, waste-free and on the two things that every Millennial bride considers an extension of herself: her phone and the internet.

Imagine if vendors were completely confident that all their contact information, websites, and special offers were safely tucked away in her Virtual Event Bag. Available to her before, during and even after your event. Not only do you create a full circle of communication for your vendors, but because every action is tracked you provide them with the power of knowledge through reporting. They will see every view and engagement. Giving your exhibitors greater understanding with the actual ROI when working with your shows.

See an example here!

Every bridal show website has a list of tips for brides on how to organize all the exhibitor information that will hit them when they walk through the door. So here is our tip for you: shorten the list. Connect with your Millennial brides by providing only one tip, “Go visit your virtual event bag!”


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