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Are #eventprofs really “too busy?”

Are you really “too busy?” If you are reading this blog post, then the answer is likely less a function of time (or lack of it) and more about prioritization. It is no surprise that Event Planner is often categorized as one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. Endless details, multiple vendors, hundreds (thousands) of people to please all wrapped up in a deadline called an “Event” can lead to serious stress.

I was recently reviewing some articles on the topic of “busy” and was reminded of a Wall Street Journal article by Laura Vanderkam. She too is a recovering member of the “too busy” society and shares her experience of how she started to change her perspective.

She provides a few tips to help change one’s perspective. The most relevant for me was to replace “too busy” with “not a priority at this time.” When you do this, you will quickly find that the activities that keep you busy are often not a priority, but the items that are a priority are not the things on which you are working!

Wait, what?

That’s right. It’s not how much time you spend, but the activities on which you spend it. There will never be enough time to finish your to do list. It is a law of physics. So stop trying to finish the list and focus on prioritizing the items on it. Easy to say and much harder to do, we know, especially for Event Professionals who pride themselves on planning for and executing every detail. But even the event pros can benefit from this discipline, focusing first on the critical items (which can sometimes be small details).

“Too busy” can be like living in a hamster wheel. The faster you run the faster it goes, but you never really get anywhere. “Too busy” keeps you from investing time in discovering new tools, features and other ideas that make you more efficient and deliver better results for your event and/or client.

Using Virtual Event Bags as an example, with our platform you can improve value to sponsors, engage your audience and generate revenue for your event, all while saving time. But you will never realize these benefits if you don’t invest the time upfront to learn more, which you can do with a quick, self-guided tour of our platform or a 1:1 demo with a member of our team.

It’s time to make finding new tools and ideas a priority.

Click here to read the full article on the Wall Street Journal website.

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