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The Pursuit of Better Leads to the End of the Basic Bag

We strive to consistently deliver the best experience possible for our customers, organizers of events, and in turn their constituents sponsors, exhibitors, partners and attendees. To do this we will often launch new products, features and pricing plans to learn, grow and adapt. About a year ago, we launched the “Basic” bag. The idea was to provide a less expensive option to smaller events so that they could benefit from the power of the platform; a new, better way to deliver event-related content to attendees. That was the idea.

In order to make the product less expensive, we had to remove some features in order to align the cost structure with the price point, most notably our attendee invitations feature, which enables the organizer to upload or sync their attendee data to schedule automatic “welcome” and “thank you” invitations. This feature provides attendees direct access to the event bag, which in turn drives results for sponsors and exhibitors. After a thorough review of the Basic bag, we discovered it did not live up to our performance expectations, with visit rates (the percentage of attendees who visit the event bag) up to 70% lower than with our Standard or Premium bags. To us, this was unacceptable and unsustainable. Events use our platform to deliver a stellar experience for their sponsors and attendees. If that is not happening, what do we do?

We looked at a bunch of options and kept coming back to the same conclusion. To make the Basic Bag better, we essentially make it a Standard Bag. It was time, in the words of the late Steve Jobs, to “get rid of the crappy stuff.” We are therefore sunsetting the Basic Bag, effective immediately. All customers that signed up for a Basic bag prior to today will automatically be upgraded to a Standard bag, at no additional cost.

We understand that some smaller events my find it hard to justify the cost of a Standard bag, but we believe firmly that organizers looking to deliver high quality events will quickly realize the value because a digital bag is fundamentally more efficient for the Organizer, provides a better return for sponsors and exhibitors and is a better experience for attendees.

We encourage you to take a look at some of the creative uses of our platform by events of all types and sizes. After that, give it a go! You can create an account for free and you don’t have to pay for your bag until 30 days prior to your event, so why not jump in and learn how we can help you on your pursuit of producing the highest quality event possible.

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