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Best Practice: Promotions For Your Expo

Many events are using Virtual Event Bags for both their event and their event’s expo. Lately, tons of trade shows and conferences have been jumping on the platform as well. When done correctly, a Virtual Event Bag can be a great way to drive traffic to exhibitors booths.

Laura Bracken, Event Coordinator for The Tennis Show, decided to try the Virtual Event Bags platform for her event this year. The Tennis Show takes place at the Grand Hyatt in New York City the night before the prestigious U.S.. Open.

“Once exhbitiors began to understand the concept, they were really pleased with results” Bracken said.

Laura’s exhibitors did a great job of putting engaging offers in her bag, such as the offers show above.

An event bag is a great way to let attendees know what companies will be at the event. Many successful bag coordinators include an expo map in the bag (typically in the premium offer section). Having a map included in the bag ensures tradeshow attendees don’t get lost and allows them to find sponsors more easily.

Statistically, the highest performing offers are discounts or freebies (vs. a simple advertisement). Tradeshow attendees love sponsor offers that provide a service (ie: free post-event massage) or a discount (ie: free shipping in orders placed at the expo). Giveaways, video offers, and links to app downloads are also a great way for sponsors to get attention from attendees.

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