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The Transition to Full Control and Checklist for Managing Bags

When we launched our service 3 years ago, the platform was running in the background and our account team was running akin to a full-service agency. This period was an intensive learning process with the ultimate goal of giving our customers proper tools and full control over their bags. The tricky part of the process is working with an event who has an experience one year then progressively new experience the next – which is all part of technology developing at breakneck speed. For instance in common place technology, the iPhone was born 7 years ago and today many of us look at last year's iPhone model as if it were some old relic. Change in the world of technology is now a constant.

Where do we stand today? Toward the end of 2013, we released the complete tool set for what is now a self-service platform. Today events are able to build and share their bags without being solely dependent our team for every move and to push each button in the process. The control frees the event move on any feature or step in the process on their own schedule and streamlines the management process – which is a great outcome. We continue to listen intently to our customers as they share their experiences, ask for new features or make other suggestions. This channel of communication is incredibly valuable and agruably one of the main sources helping us shape the product today. These experiences and findings will continually translate into new feature releases or general improvements down the road.

For events using our platform and occur on an annual basis the transition could be very new territory. Which is why we created this brief list outlining the steps in the process or a simple checklist aimed at creating a framework for an event to follow.

1. Complete Your Bag Settings

Upload your event logo and complete any necessary event information. Review your bag schedule and make any updates.

2. Invite Companies

Send invitations to your event sponsors or other companies to create their placements in your bag.

3. Review Your Bag

As each company creates a placement your bag is built. During event week review your bag to confirm it is ready to share with participants.

4. Share Your Bag

Toward the end of event week share your bag with your participants (send invitations or share URL).

5. Share Reports

After the event is complete share the placement reports with your sponsors and other companies who created placements in your bag.

What else is coming down the road? Our product team is taking the valuable feedback we have been compiling and is working on expanding many of the features in the platform. The primary goal is to make the process easier at each step and expand the value to each party involved in the process of creating or experiencing a bag. Each month we will share news about what is coming next or outlining details about new features. Stay tuned!

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