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The Dawn of Digital

In today’s world, ‘going digital’ is no longer a passing phrase. Digital is moving from a once unique and high-tech approach, to one of commonplace. Everywhere we turn, we see more and more ways to use the web for our benefit- whether it be convenience, a faster method of information sharing, or simply a more logical approach, the days of digital are upon us.

Companies are quickly learning that a digital emphasis is essential, and one of the most fruitful channels, for connecting with their audience.

As stated by eMarketing, “The average adult will spend over 5 hours per day online,” surpassing time spent watching TV, listening to the radio and reading printed materials.

So, what are some ways you can expand your reach by hopping on the digital train? Well, we might be a little biased, but we’ve found that the absolute best way of using the web to your advantage is through connecting your sponsors to your participants.

If we take a few steps back, what is the main reason sponsors want to work with events in the first place? Simple- to reach event participants.  Events need sponsors (and their sponsorship dollars!) to produce a quality event. The key to grow sponsorship dollars is to provide them with a measurable return on investment.  So, giving them an effective and measurable avenue to connect with your participants, keeps them happy and coming back year after year!

Pre-digital, the connection was made mostly through a physical goody bag- filled with useful samples, freebies, coupons and cool stuff. Participants loved getting these little gifts and appreciated being connected to your sponsors. But, think back to the last physical goody bag you received. What was in it? Likely, a whole lot of paper. Unfortunately, this has become a trend in the event space, and among other things (like the inability to measure the effectiveness, poor brand experience and a whole lot of waste) physical goody bags have just become a bad idea.

Let us introduce the digital goody bag- a completion of the circle and gives countless benefits for both sponsors and participants:

Sponsors will:

  • Effectively connect to participants before and after the event
  • Integrate with existing digital marketing
  • Save time and money (no incremental cost of printing)
  • Monitor performance

Participants will:

  • Access a digital bag via multiple devices: mobile, tablet, pc
  • Have instant access to offers
  • Get offers before and after the event
  • Appreciate the reduction of paper they have to throw away

So, you too can easily jump on the digital train and use it to your advantage. The Virtual Event Bags platform is easy to implement and will actually create time for a thinly staffed team. Sponsors and participants will thank you for giving them an easy and convenient way to connect with each other, while you bask in the glory of being their hero!

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