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What’s New in January

Over the course of 2013, the Virtual Race Bags platform underwent intensive development resulting in the complete conversion into a software as a service platform giving our customers complete control over their bag experience. Since our inception we always believed the platform would become self-serve, but we had to research and experience for ourselves many times over what event directors and sponsors would inside the platform. After two years of walking in the shoes of an event director, we knew the course to take to create and release the tools necessary for events of all types, shapes and sizes to be successful.

While this was a significant move, our development team is continuing to lay the foundation for many more features and capabilities which will continue to make the process streamline and more robust.

The list below outlines the key updates and feature highlights:

NEW – The Referral Program

We have always believed that when event directors have a great experience and want to share, they should get rewarded. With this in mind, we launched our Referral Program in early December. When you have a Virtual Race Bags account, you will now find a unique referral link on your dashboard profile page. Share this link with other event directors in your sphere of influence and earn rewards as they use Virtual Race Bags to deliver digital goody bags for their events. This program was designed for both customers who create bags and those who are more so influencers (i.e.: event production companies, timing companies, etc.). You can find more information about this program on the Referrals page of our site.

FEATURE – Placement Copying

Let’s say your company has multiple events all of which are using bags. You have certain sponsors who want to be in all of your event bags. With the placement copying feature, your sponsor can create their placement in one of your bags then you can copy the placement into the rest your future event bags. Another fun way to lighten your work load and make activation much easier for your sponsors.

The development road map for next month includes a host of updates and new features. Stay tuned.

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