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Jeremy’s Run Went Digital 3 Years Ago. Why?

Q&A with Cyndi Glass – Race Director, Jeremy's Run (Jeremy's Run is an annual Walk/Run to benefit The Partnership at

Why did you decide to go with Virtual Race Bags?

The reason I signed up with Virtual Race Bags was due to both the enormous undertaking to assemble the bags and dozens of pieces of paper, and hating the thought of where all the paper ended up…the trash.  It was also so much easier for our sponsors as it saved them money and time not having to copy a 1,000 offers/ads for a physical bag. The presentation is so much nicer than wads of paper in a physical bag as well.

How did you offer the Virtual Race Bag program to your sponsors?

I put the Virtual Race Bag information on my sponsorship form and the followed up with an email. The Platinum sponsorship included an offer in the Virtual Race Bag, but the other levels I offered placement at a price.

What worked best in positioning the Virtual Race Bag to your sponsors?

What worked best in positioning the bag to my sponsors was expressing my own feelings and reasons for using Virtual Race Bags and they seemed to agree. I also showed them what it would look like by showing them our bag from the previous year. They liked very much not needing to Xerox 1,000 offers/ads.

What do your participants say about Virtual Race Bags?

My participants like the bag and it's presentation. They have told me they appreciate Jeremy's Run being green!

This program provides great advertisement for our sponsors, whether they have submitted an ad, or just have their logo in the bag. Virtual Race Bags provides great service to me and to my sponsors – it is another perk I can offer my sponsors that they appreciate. I would highly recommend using Virtual Race Bags to any race director!

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