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Best Practices – Driving Traffic to Your Bag


Imagine for a minute. Your digital goody bag is all set up, full of offers and ready to go. Now what? Of course you want to drive as much traffic possible to your bag. You feel great about the offers in the bag and really want to share the value with participants. The companies who have offers in your bag really want to successfully reach your event participants. We know what everyone in the mix wants – so how do you pull off the rockstar move of making everyone happy?

The best place to start is to understand the optimal plan to drive the maximum amount of traffic to your bag. Doing this is actually a simple process – really. We outlined four ways to make it happen.

1. Promote Your Bag In Advance – Tell your participants what to expect. 
Post a message on your website and social media setting expectations. Hey! We have a super sweet digital goody bag for our event this year. Your goody bag will be full of offers from our sponsors and other local companies. Keep an eye out in your email inbox for your invitation or check bag to our website as the event approaches. Accomplish two key tasks at one time: Share with existing participants and Promote your event to others yet to register. Create a buzz!

On the "Promote" page in your Bag Control Center you will find the link to share and more. 

2. Send Invitation Emails – Invite your participants to visit
The primary traffic driver to the bag are you invitation emails sent from the Virtual Race Bags platform. These invitations are optimized for performance and to put it simple – they get the job done!

On the "Participants" page in your Bag Control Center you will find details about email invitations.

3. Share the link to your bag on your event website
Add the link to your bag (get the link from the Promote page in your Bag Control Center) to the area on your website where you chose to promote your bag. This will help broaden your reach and give participants another way to get access to their bag.

4. Spread the word on Social Media
Share the link to your bag (get the link from the Promote page in your Bag Control Center) on your Social Media channels such as – Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can come up with a couple different ways to say "Get your Goodies" and post to social channels a couple times a week during event week and the week after the event. 

Remember, "there are no silver bullets". In order to truly drive the most traffic to your goody bag you will need to do each of these steps. Think about it this way. When was the last time you saw a major brand launch a new advertising campaign with only a single television commercial. There is no way. Campaigns are launched with a healthy mix of TV spots, Website, Facebook, Magazine Ads and more. You get the point. 

Treat your bag as a brand would treat their latest campaign. Spread the word. The results will be telling.

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