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Ragnar Relays Gets Their Green On

We are huge fans of the distance relay events around the country – partaking as a team ourselves in one event each year. As you would imagine we are proud to share the news that Ragnar Relays, the largest series of distance relay events in the country, has decided to use our Virtual Race Bags platform to deliver digital goody bags to their event participants. Their decision warms our hearts. Being participants (of non-Ragnar events), we always wondered why an event would give a physical bag of stuff to each participant on the team at the start of the event. This old practice led to 6-12 bags of extra stuff in the vans for the 24 hour plus trek – not a great plan for exposing sponsors to participants.

Using a digital goody bag participants are able to interact with the contents of their bags at a more conveinent time – either before, during or after the event. Allowing participants to engage on their terms and in their timing boost the exposure or conversion for the offers inside the bag. If you thought this was good, imagine the savings in both time and waste associated with events of this nature. Cheers to Ragnar – no more stuffing physical bags and the worries about the volume of waste generated by physical bags.

End of the day, the participants are happy. All is good and right in the world. Read more about this partnership.

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