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Why wait? Great reasons to renew today.

Why wait? Renew now! We just made your decision so much easier.

We have made it even easier for your events to have a smashing digital goody bag. With our array of brand new tools inside the Event Director Dashboard, the rollout of Standard Pricing and most importantly our Renew Now – Pay Later program.

Offer Invitations
The new tools in your Dashboard allow you to better educate and guide your sponsors through the platform which helps them involved from the start. We really excited to share the release of our Invitations feature which you can use to invite sponsors to be a part of your Virtual Goody Bag, manage the process and keep a live status of the invitations you have sent out and track revenue generated.  

Offer Builder Tool
Then there is the coolest new tool in the mix, the Offer Builder. This tool enables your sponsors to easily create and submit new offers into your bag in 3 SIMPLE steps! Gone are the days of sharing artwork specification guides or the need for your sponsors to try their hand at graphic designer. Your sponsors can now have a beautiful offer in as little as 90 seconds.

New Standard Pricing
Our rollout of new standard pricing of $500 per bag is more affordable than ever. Plus take advantage of our multi-event discount at 20% off per bag when you sign up 5 or more events on the platform. Now that's pretty cool, aye?

Buy Now Pay Later
And finally the best news of all… Renew today and wait to pay until 60 days prior to your event. Go ahead and get a head start on your next event without a shiny nickel out-of-pocket. Just simply visit your Event Director Dashboard, locate the bag to renew in your "Closed Bags" list and click "Renew." Fill out the renewal form and in a whiz-bang second you are back in business to showoff the best digital goody bag on the planet for your upcoming event.

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