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Conservation is Green Goodness [infographic]

infographic-green-goodness-12-v2In the early days of building the Virtual Race Bags platform, we knew there were clearly aspects of savings or conservation which would naturally happen as more events used the platform to deliver their digital goody bags. Our goal has always been to create a platform that would offer tangible "green" benefits while saving time and money for both sponsors and event directors. The question was how deep of an impact would be experienced and in what course of time. 

Now that we have delivered a marked number of digital goody bags to events across the U.S. (and some in other countries) filled with literally thousands of different offers to millions of participant, the impact is quite clear. We thought the best way to share the facts is through fun graphics and references in an ever-popular "infographic".

This infographic is a visual recap of our history charting activities through the end of the year 2012. Keep one interesting fact in mind, we have grown at exponentially progressive rates since day one. While this report is dramatic, just imagine what is possible by the end of this year.

We would like to thank all the event and their teams for sharing in our beliefs. The bottom line is every event regardless of the size all doing their part in concert counts toward making a measureable difference. 

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