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Selling to your event sponsors and local companies just got easier

The Virtual Race Bags development lab is constantly churning around new concepts in an effort to keep our service as the Ultimate Digital Goody Bag Solution. This month we are releasing the most revolutionary tool in our company's history. When we first envisioned the platform, a key part of the plan was to enable events to easily sell offer placements and remove barriers for event sponsors or local companies to create their own offers. Today we are proud to share with you our latest development release – The Goody Bag Offer Builder Tool (beta).

Here is how the Goody Bag Offer Builder Tool works:

• An event director creates their Virtual Goody Bag in our system.
• You will find the goody bag's unique offer builder URL (website address) in your dashboard.
• Share this offer builder URL along with a personal email note inviting companies to participate.
• Periodically follow-up with invited sponsors and companies during the process.
• Watch your goody bag populate full of offers from your event sponsors and other local companies.

Take a look at this tutorial video to see more details about the process of selling and creating offers using the tool.

We purposely tagged this tool as "BETA". This designation means we are easing this product into the market a few events at a time over the next two months. We are taking this approach so we can make tweaks and adjustments as we go so that it is ready for "prime time" when we open up the tool to our entire system of events/companies. 

If your event is coming in the next three months (November/December/January) and you would like to use the Goody Bag Offer Builder for your goody bag, please contact your sales rep for more details. We are only accepting 5-10 events in the "BETA" launch, so if you have interest act quickly!

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