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To Bag or Not to (Goody) Bag

Lines of volunteers stuffing goody bags.  An all too familiar site for events both big and small.  Given that most goody bags are stuffed with paper, one has to wonder … "why are we doing this?"

Because sponsors and merchants still want to reach participants, but want to do so in an efficient and effective manner, many events have decided to move to digital goody bags.

The Woodstock 5K in Anniston, AL is an example.

The Anniston Runners Club included a digital goody bag for this year's event as part of a larger effort to have a "greener" race.

A recent article in the Anniston Star reviews many of the Club's greening efforts and the benefits of going digital as well as some of the criteria now established by the Council for Responsible Sport.

Is it time for your event to look into going with a virtual goody bag?  We invite you to spend some time on our site to answer common questions about our digital platform.


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