Rewards for Sharing

Earn money by helping spread the word about Virtual Event Bags.

What is the Referral Program?

Over the years we have met many event directors who believe in our platform and love sharing it with their circle of friends. We created the referral program for the sole purpose of rewarding companies who help spread the world about the Virtual Event Bags platform. When you share information about the platform and these events use our platform to create bags for their events the referring company gets paid. Yes, it's that basic.

Why join the program?

If you are one of those event directors who are driven by spreading the word about technology you are passionate about and interested in making your fair share for efforts, then this program is for you. All you have to do is create an acccount on the platform, share the unique referral link you find in the dashboard with other events and start enjoying the rewards events you refer use bags on the platform.

Generate green by spreading the word.

Our program process makes it easy for you to focus on making the connections, then we take care of the rest of the work.

Referral - Start


Create an account on the platform and locate your unique referral link inside your dashboard. This unique link helps connect the customers you refer to your account.

Referral - Plan


Determine the best way to share the unique link with your sphere of influence. The link connects visitors to our website which does all the work of educating customers.

Referral - Promote


Share the unique link on your company website or by sending out personal emails directly to your connections or relevant contacts. When they sign up you get notified.

Referral - Payment


You get paid when the customers you refer create bags on the platform. At the end of each quarter we send out payments for all complete and paid bags.

Get started with a couple quick steps.

Once you create your account share the link with your connections and other contacts in your circle who manage events.