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Pearl Street Brewery: Summer Event Series of Bags

“In the past, we had physically collected these coupons from our venues and physically distributed them to participants. THAT'S A LOT OF ADMINISTRATIVE WORK! This Event Bag is awesome because it does all that legwork for us! The platform is working on it's own. That's what I like the most. So while there is a fee to use this, I find that I spent much less money when I factored in all the administrative time for print, distribution, etc. We loved this. What I really like about the Event Goodie Bag is that it is more interactive than most paper coupons and offers.It is really efficient in reaching a lot of people. I'll be using it again next year. Thanks for saving my summer from countless hours of sorting paper coupons"
– Tami Plourde, Pearl Street Brewery

Kentucky Derby Festival: Annual Marathon

"The Kentucky Derby Festival returns each year because of the great value the Virtual Event Bags adds to our event. Virtual Event Bags supports our efforts to Go Green. Our sponsors love the data they collect from participating. And participant’s love the ability to download offers for specific items."
– Shanna Ward, Kentucky Derby Festival

IMT Des Moines Marathon: Annual Event

"Participants like the fact that we aren’t wasting all of that paper in their goodie bags. They like shopping online and are comfortable more and more when we use products like Virtual Event Bags. It allows them to connect with the event from whatever device they choose and interact with our sponsor's offers that are meant for them."
– Chris Burch, IMT Des Moines Marathon


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