Festival & Concert Goody Bags

Extend the value proposition of your event by providing sponsors and exhibitors an efficient way to message before, during and after the event.

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Custom micro-sites for events

What is the Virtual Event Bag and why is it better?

A customized micro-site that brings all of your sponsor related messaging into one place. The site is web-based, so there is no additional app to download and can be shared across many channels; email, mobile, website, social and more! A Virtual Event Bag provides your sponsors efficient access to attendees before, during and after your event.

Your event organizer peers are customers

Create Content

Creating placements is a collective effort.

You can now give your sponsors and exhibitors complete control over the content they share with your participants. The best part? They create it! Our tools make it easy to invite, track, create and manage digital messages from your partners.

Distribute Your Bag

Sharing your bag is a scheduled process.

Sponsors invest in your event because of the quality of the audience you bring. To activate, they need to efficiently promote their products and services before the event. A Virtual Event Bag can be accessed by your attendees before, during and after the event via our scheduled email invitations. You can also provide access via your event mobile app, social media, event website, QR codes and more!

Imagine the Possiblities

Strong Engagement Options for Your Sponsors & Exhibitors

  • tag

    Discount Coupons

    Exhibitors can drive booth traffic during the event or deliver discount coupons for redemption at a physical location.

    Example »
  • play

    Content Videos

    Complex products are often best explained by video. Exhibitors and sponsors can easily embed a video as part of their message.

    Example »
  • megaphone

    Contests & Giveaways

    Contests capture leads. Contest management is built-in to drive engagement- add a video message to further amplify results.

    Example »
  • usergroup

    Variable Messages

    Exhibitors can create two different placements and automatically display one message pre-event and a different one post-event.

    Example »

Become Super Effecient

Thinking Beyond the Tools You Already Use Today

When it comes to efficiently connecting sponsor content to attendees, there is no solution more complete than a Virtual Event Bag. A mobile app is great for the event, but it is hard to drive attendee engagement pre and post-event. Email is one-dimensional, websites are passive and physical "goody" bags are expensive and time consuming to create and distribute. A Virtual Event Bag can enhance or replace all of these options.

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