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Deliver valuable sponsor content without the hassle or unnecessary waste.

Why use a Virtual Event Bag for your next event?

Over 1,000 events of various types, in six different countries, are using the platform and here are the reasons they shared.
Enhance Event Value to Sponsors

Provide your event sponsors additional value within the existing agreements.

Improve the Delivery of Event Content

Easily share promotions and important event information with your audience.

Eliminate Unnecessary Cost and Waste

Cut the massive waste, cost and time associated with stuffing event bags.

Deliver Added Value to Attendees

Create an experience to remember by providing valuable offers from sponsors.

Increase Event Sponsor Activation

Help companies realize ROI by providing more ways to activate their sponsorship.

Create Content

Creating placements is a collective effort.

Use the platform to invite companies to create placements in your bag. The companies visit your Offer Builder and create their placements in four steps. You are notified as placements arrive in your bag. With the work of each company your bags is collectively built.

Distribute Your Bag

Sharing your bag is a scheduled process.

Deliver a memorable experience when you share the bag with your audience. Simply upload your attendees (or sync with registration) then send invitations from the platform to your audience. Schedule your invitations then let the platform do the work.

Report Activities

Reporting is robust measureable activity.

Now you can provide ROI to companies through your bag. Activities are tracked through the entire process and compiled into easy-to-read reports. Learn the real interests of your attendees and deliver value to your sponsors.

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