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Product Update: Sponsorship Invitation Enhancements, Upload Mass Contacts and Set Pricing Features

One of the great things about Virtual Event Bags is how easy they are to set up and send out to sponsors, which leads to the ability to create partnerships. With our latest updates, we’ve taken that process and made it even easier. Event organizers can now customize their bags with local deals, control brands within the bag, mass email potential sponsors and process payments within seconds of sponsors signing up.

Content Builder Payment

The waiting is no longer the hardest part now that event organizers can collect payments as soon as placements are created. Cut out the invoices and waiting on payments – when sponsors create placements within your event bag, you’re able to collect payments via credit card immediately. This timesaving service costs only 10% of the transaction amount, which includes the credit card processing fee. Then, you’ll receive funds bi-monthly in the payment schedule. No need to chase after sponsors with paperwork and follow-up phone calls.


Sponsor Invitation and Pricing Enhancement

The ease of inviting potential sponsors to invest in your event bag is now even easier. First, set up a cost category that sponsors will pay to create placements within your bag. If you’d like to give sponsors different pricing options, you can set up multiple types of placements and costs combinations and send different codes to different sponsors, and create discounts as well.

Next, you can now mass upload a list of sponsors you’d like to partner with into the Content Builder, and send an invitation with one quick click. Simply upload a .csv file with contact information and the Content Builder will take care of the rest.


Brand Regionalization

Find the best local offers and skip those broad, general deals. National brands can now target an offer that has more value to participants based on the region of the event. If you’re running a cold-weather race, focus on gear offers for cold-weather equipment. The more precise, targeted deals you can offer your participants, the higher your engagement will be.

Marketplace Content

The ability to customize your Virtual Event Bag creates a higher chance of engagement, especially if the offer is more relevant to your participants. You can now add brands to your Virtual Event Bag, in addition to the 9 brands that are pre-populated. And you can also remove any brand from your bag that might not appeal to your participants.

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