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3 (+1) Strategies To Steal From Bridal Shows

Can an organizer of a home, auto or other consumer show really learn anything from a bridal show? You bet!

Bridal shows are unique because they have to recreate their audience every year. If you’re not a bridal show, ideally, you have found a way to capitalize on past attendees while adding new ones each year. If you are not doing this, seek expert advice immediately (we’ll be exhibiting at NACS) and consider incorporating the marketing strategies below.


1. Go Local with Pandora

When users sign up, they are asked to provide age, gender and zip, so now reaching a particular demographic is easier than ever, whether it’s moms in South Dakota or teens in NYC.  Pandora is a bullseye targeting platform that is precise, so every impression is a smart impression, and your dollars are not wasted.



2. Piggyback off of Your Sponsors

Some events call their sponsors and exhibitors “partners,” but are you partnering with them or is your relationship simply transactional? One of the best things about sponsorships is they lend your event credibility. So if you’ve snagged that credible sponsor, chances are they also invest in advertising of their own via radio, tv, and social media. Suggest teaming up to split the cost of a billboard, a radio ad, or even an honorable mention off one of their TV commercials!


3. Know Where Your Audience Is

Millennial soon-to-be brides spend most of their time on social media, specifically Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or PinStaBook! If you are trying to reach a particular type of consumer, scope out where they are spending their time and start engaging with that community and position yourself as the go to for their show needs.


As you can see, taking your marketing strategy game to the next level doesn’t require spending a lot of money, it means being smarter about it. Now what if there was a tool that could combine the strengths we mentioned on the strategies above? This last tip is our one to grow on, and yes even bridal shows are doing it.


4. Use a Virtual Event Bag

We help you truly partner with your sponsors and exhibitors because it is a direct effort for events to get attendees to their messaging. A placement in your bag lets them advertise locally, to a specific demographic and gives them the ability to make smart impressions.  While all of this is great, what about the ROI? When an attendee or participant visits the bag, every interaction is tracked for you and your “partners” benefit. These qualities make a Virtual Event Bag your one stop shop for giving exhibitors and attendees perks they didn’t even know they needed.


So consider giving one or even all of these strategies a try. It’s crucial that shows learn to evolve in every way, and just like that great saying “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” So don’t miss out, consider what steps you’ll take to grow the way you do business.



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