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An Education: Bridal Show Producers Intl. 2015

I have to admit, I was nervous about attending BSPI for the first time. The connections I made prior to the conference started over email or phone, and I didn’t have the comfort of knowing any familiar faces. Well, that didn’t last long because I stumbled across some of the kindest and savviest event producers I have ever met.  The knowledge shared with me via the connections I made was invaluable, and the memories created by the new friends I met are unforgettable.  However, while I did learn from the content being presented, and I didn’t have the opportunity to present myself. I want to share with you why a virtual event bag could have easily squeezed into some of the conference’s memorable talks.

German Onslaught

Because I have a history degree, I was intrigued when I saw the presentation titled “Blitzkrieg Advertising” on the agenda. One thing we tell event coordinators to do is to get people to the bag any way they can. When they ask “Email or website listing?” our answer is the same every time: “Both!” During his talk, Brad explained the same concept when advertising to get brides to shows. Simply buying radio media doesn’t do the trick. With all the ways that people incorporate technology in their daily lives, it would be naive to think that only utilizing one is effective. So put us as another weapon in your Blitzkrieg arsenal. We promise your brides will thank you for helping them attack the long process of wedding planning.

All About that Data

So while all the show producers were recovering from the shock of “Blitzkrieg,” and adjusting their media budgets for the coming year, the numbers guy, Shane, took the stand. His in-depth analysis of the vendor experience was everything that I had hoped it would be. Shane shed light on how your shows do matter for their business, and if the vendors want to succeed, they need your shows to do it. So if you’re suffering from spoiled-vendor syndrome, let a virtual event bag be your antidote. You already provide vendors with the committed brides they wanted; you can now provide them with any bride who showed any interest. Our reports give you the ability to show vendors, which brides looked at their offer and which brides saved it to look at it later. Think about how valuable that information would be for them. In a data-driven world, don’t ignore the tools that give you the ability to harness it. Embrace the data and use it to make your show and your business better!

Talking Tech

The next insightful talk was Sonny’s “Top 10 Tech List.”  This talk was important because it challenged show producers to take a chance on technology. Events have to evolve if they are going stay relevant, and as mentioned in a BSPI discussion, bridal shows and producers grow older, but your audience will always be the same age. So where is the bridal generation spending their time? “PinStaBook.”  Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are currently predicted to be where Millennials will continue to engage with the world over the next two to three years. Most vendors know they need at least one of those outlets if they want business. With a virtual bag, they will easily be able to advertise through a link, promoting themselves, your show and the bag all across “PinStaBook.” So when you consider your objectives coming away from BSPI, is being aggressive across social media one of them?  If so, use a virtual event bag to accomplish maximum impact.

Just Do It

All of the talks and discussions were extremely insightful. However, these three, “Blitzkrieg Advertising,” “The Wedding Report” and “WeddingWire’s Top 10 Tech List,” held the biggest punch for me. Reinforcing my belief that a virtual event bag is more than just digital offers to connect your brides to vendors.  It’s a way to advertise, a way to offer a return on investment through data, and a way to make sure your show uses technology to stay fresh and unique in an increasingly digital world.


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