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Your Neighbors are Your Friends

Whether you are a B2B or a B2C event, you could be missing a huge opportunity for cross-promotion by not working with your neighbors.

We are constantly coming up with new ways to get our name out there but are you thinking too far outside of your neighborhood? Perhaps. When we onboard new customers, we always discuss their sponsorship strategy. I always ask, “Do you have a sponsorship program in place? How many sponsors do you have/want to have? Do you work with local events or business?” Most of the events I talk to give an overwhelming response of, “No, actually. We don’t work with our neighboring events.” Partnering with your neighbors is the first thing I suggest, especially if they are new to the event scene! Go out, talk to other events in your area and see if they want to ad swap! 9 times out of 10, they will be all in!

Working with other events is also a great way to get ideas and learn how to position your event to potential sponsors. Imagine the network you could build! When you talk to a potential partner, event, or exhibitor, ask them for a referral. If you are a small event trying to build a following, it is especially important that you do this. There are so many new events each year, but the longevity of them depends on your credibility, and that depends on the quality of your attendees and the partners you have for cross-promotion.

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