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5 Ways Event Organizers are using Twitter to Promote Their Virtual Event Bag

Sending out an email to your participants is a good way to get the word out about your Virtual Event Bag…but why not go further? Event directors are doing a great job using social media to promote their event bag and even sell sponsorships. Read on to see 5 creative ways event directors are using Twitter to promote their Virtual Event Bags.

1. Use Twitter to Sell to Sponsorships

Karen Stewart, event organizer for the EcoPotential EGO, uses twitter to sell sponsorships for her event. The link at the end of the tweet  below went directly into the offer builder. This is a great way to reach out to a mass audience of potential sponsors:

EcoPotential tweet screenshot

2. Use Twitter to Distribute the Bag

Most participants have a valid email address but event directors often ask how a participant without an email address can get access to the event bag. Becky Lambros from the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run came up with a creative way to make sure everyone had access to the Virtual Event Bag. She used twitter as a way to distrube her bag to her participants: 

Cherry Blossom tweet screenshot

3. Use Twitter to Promote ‘Going Green’

Another way to promote the Virtual Event Bag is to co-promote the fact that your event is going green. The following tweet from the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon is a fantastic example of driving home the sustainability aspect of the digital bag: 

Flying Pig marathon tweet screenshot

4. Use Twitter To Get Your Sponsors Involved

Some events have their sponsors co-promote the event bag by tweeting about their offers. For example, Pocketful of Plans placed an offer in Big Sur International Marathon’s event bag then tweeted about the offer to all of their followers. This adds incentive for the company's followers to register for the event and promotes the bag to current event participants:

Pocketful of Plans tweet screenshot

5. Use Twitter To Send Reminders

Twitter is a perfect way to send reminders to participants without cluttering their inboxes. Tweeting about the Event Bag can increase awareness for participants, and allows them access into the bag. See an example below from the Hollywood Half Marathon:

Hollywood Half marathon tweet screenshot

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