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Podium Sports capitalizes by getting creative with bag content

PodiumPodium Sports, a Minnesota based, full service sports markteting agency started using Virtual Event Bags for the first time in 2014. Organized by three partners, they produce 7 premium runs in the Twin Cities under the heading of the Minnesota Running Series.

As a first-time user of the platform, Podium Sports saw value in using the Standard Bag level plus the Custom Theme for their events, pulling in their existing event branding and marketing. But, what they also saw, was an excellent opportunity to really capatalize on the uniquness of the pre and post digital bag content for their participants. They added and removed certain placements within their bag, to conform to the timing of the event.

Podium Sports Partner, Mike Cofrin, explains, "Pre [event] is great because it is a great way to prepare participants for the offers of sponsors at packet pick up and on race day. Meanwhile, post [event] functions as an awesome "Thank You" tool, while providing great internal communications points: next race, results, videos, photos, digital race medals, survey, etc."

The Lake Minnetonka digital bag excelled at using the platform, not just to send out sponsors' offers and messages, but to leverage placements inside the bag as a way to really connect with participants, asking the questions:

  • What do participants want to see pre and post event? 
  • What interests them the most?
  • How can we place vital details within the bag?

Asking these questions can help an event put together a more relavent digital bag, which of course improves the bag experience for participants, gives them need-to-know information and drives up bag visits and activity. 

Mike recommends. "Trust the process and focus on ways to capitalize. Customizing is great, and worth the added $100." He goes on to mention, "[Sponsors] were a bit skeptical but, now pleased with the results."

We look forward to working with Mike and Podium Sports for all of their upcoming events! 


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