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Charity Poker and Digital Bags

all-in poker floorAll-In to Fight Cancer is a non-profit started by a group who lost a friend, far too young, to cancer.  To help raise money for various cancer-related organizations, they started hosting an annual charity poker tournament, which has now become an extremely popular event, not only for its cause, but for the first class experience they provide attendees.  But this success brings higher expectations.  Not just from attendees, but sponsors.

The team at All-In started looking for ways to help their sponsors connect with the 500+ attendees and guests of the tournament.  Like most non-profit organizations, they have a small team of volunteers, so they needed something that was easy to manage and deliver.

A digital goody bag from Virtual Event Bags turned out to be the perfect solution.  They were able to support a variety of sponsor types, from technology firms to hot dog stands, giving them an easy-to-use system that delivered a high-quality message at the right place and time.

One of the organizers of the event told us that "our Sponsors really liked that attendees were invited back to the bag after the event, so that they had an even better opportunity of connecting after engaging at the event."

This is yet another example that your event does not have to bet big to win with a digital bag!

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