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The Basics of a Good Landing Page

As the sponsor of an event that uses our platform or as one of our National Brand Partners you have the unique opportunity to have an offer placed in a Virtual Race Bag. While businesses often come prepared with artwork for a display ad, many neglect to think about the actions they want their new endurance sports customers to take once the offer is engaged. Here are some suggestions on elements for a good landing page.

Create a dedicated landing page url

Instead of leading your new customers to your home page and expecting them to figure out what to do, create a dedicated landing page. This page will be specifically created for your Virtual Race Bag campaign and will make it simple and easy for customers to carry out the actions you want them to take. In the example below our National Brand Partner,, used to direct customers to their online store.

Have a clear call to action

Decide on a single goal for your campaign e.g., buy a discounted pair of socks, sign-up for a newsletter, play an educational video. Create a distinctive button to make that action clear on your landing page.

Reduce the amount of text

Keep the information low and concentrate on your primary goal. If the customer wants to find out more about your company they can always visit your website later.

Simplify the coupon code

If you are using a coupon code keep it simple, easy to remember and, if possible, have it pre-populate in the landing page when the customer clicks through. Don't make your customer have to work to redeem their offer.

By making your landing page as simple and clear as possible you increase your chances of converting that time pressed athlete into a long term customer. Please share your challenges in creating a landing page that converts.

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