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Bag Update: September 2012

Introducing our first of many "Bag Updates" which covers details about the new features, tools or other enhancements we have released into our Virtual Race Bags software platform. This platform is the "engine beneath the hood" that powers and creates the entire digital goody bag experience for both you and your participants. 

Here are the new features straight out the Development Lab for September 2012. >>

Updated Email Invitations

One of the primary objectives in producing a digital goody bag is getting your participants to visit the bag. Since the key method to getting your participants to visit their Virtual Race Bag, we spend a lot of time studying email invitation statistics. Based on our recent finding we have updated or "simplified" the look of the emails we use to invite participants to visit their bags. 

Here are the key measured results:
•  70% open rates
•  95% click-through rates
• Consistently reporting up to 70% of participants visiting their goody bags

Results: More participants delivered to your event's Virtual Race Bag.

Simple Get Started Sign Up

Calling all Event Directors! We just made the process of getting started, creating new bags and renewing existing bags much easier. The best part yet is the update of your Dashboard – which is the foundation and main place for you to access many new tools, views and feature releases.

Here is what is included in this update:
• Simple account set-up through the "Get Started" button at the top right of our website (look up)
New updated Dashboard – including Event Timelines and Resources to Sell Offers and Promote your Bag
• Ability to create new bags from your Dashboard
• Ability to renew existing bags from your Dashboard
• Account and user editing

This covers the high points and key features released over the past month. We are working on a series of new tools next month with the focus of educating your Sponsors on digital goody bags and making it easier for your Sponsors to participate or activate offers in your bags. Stay tuned…

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