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Introducing Our New and Improved Digital Goody Bag Experience!

In the world of technology things change almost overnight. That new tablet or phone you bought this morning will quickly be one-upped by advancements that continue to amaze. The same can be said for services and features in website application development.

About a year ago we officially launched into the endurance event industry touting a simple, minimalist design style for our feature rich virtual goodie bag experience. At the time we were more than excited to stamp this design on all our event’s race bags. As a passionate group of endurance athletes our core concern has and always will be delivering quality offers and truly special deals to event participants. While having fancy sound effects or dancing pandas popping up in race bag would have been mildly entertaining they would have been unnecessary “effects”.

Earlier today we released one of our biggest changes in the past year – a new interactive-rich race bag design. We believe this new design release takes the already solid Virtual Race Bag experience to the next level for participants and event sponsors. As you’ll quickly see nearly every feature was preserved or improved in this latest release and our race bags continue to be 100% mobile-friendly – performing consistent well across all mobile devices.

We hear the questions coming up now – “Oh no, what does this mean?” or “Will the race bag cost more to license now?”

Glad you asked (see we can read minds now too). Nothing is changing in our cost structure. You still get all the great features you expected before or experienced in prior events and now we’re throwing in a great design interface improvement to boot.

Today is a great milestone here at Virtual Race Bags and we’re excited to be able to share these exciting updates. We love being able to hit the ground running each day to make the racing world better for both the participants and the hard working folks around the world pouring in countless hours to make endurance racing great. Cheers all around!

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