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Get In The Bag – The 13.1 Series

The new year is kicking off with a bang as US Road Sports inks a deal to offer Virtual Race Bags for the 13.1 Series for 2011 – with the first event offering the Virtual Race Bag is 13.1 Miami Beach in March. As a team we are really excited about this opportunity to share a new technology in race bags that runners will love and experience a higher sense of value.

What will be really fun is the surprise of sharing "Buy Now" deals inside the race bags with the runners of 13.1 Miami Beach. These deals are a kin to the wildly popular daily deals most of the world is experiencing through super sites like "Groupon" or "Living Social". The most exciting part for us is offering runners deals with targeted services like: smoothies, massages, restaurants, sports apparel and much more.

Special thanks to the team at US Road Sports. We look forward to a prosperous partnership in 2011 and beyond!

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