The ideal solution for Events to connect Sponsors to their Attendees.

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Your event has partner promotions, brand messages and information to share with your attendees. Our platform helps you make the connection and measure the effectiveness of communications.

What type of event are you producing?

All events are unique including yours. Our platform gives all event types the tools they need to solve the problem of delivering relevant content to attendees.


Conferences and conference organizers around the world are using the platform to share relevant materials and enable their partners to share special offers or incentives with their attendees.

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Endurance Events

Running, theme and multisport events from the largest marathons to the local 5k using the platform to help their sponsors share offers, brand messages and information with their athletes.

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Trade Shows

Trade shows and exhibitions using the platform to enable exhibitors or partners with the ability to share special incentives to generate booth traffic and reduce inconvenient waste from a physical bag.

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Membership Programs

Professional organizations, teams and clubs are using the platform to create and share special partner incentives and local deals on a monthly-basis for their members only as a way to extend membership benefits.

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Festivals & Concerts

Festivals and concerts are using the platform to enable bands and promoters the ability to reach the attendees before the event to increase awareness of event activities, merchandsing and fan club promotion.

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Visitor Bureaus

Visitors bureaus are using the platform to currate local partner offers and provide additional benefits or solutions to event organizers who choose their city, venue or area to host their event.

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Who wants more work? No one, of course.

Harness the power of a turn-key platform that provides all the tools necessary to deliver the best digital bag experience on the planet.

Tools that make a complex process simple.

The most challenging part of any goody bag, digital or physical, is getting content into the bag. Our platform eliminates the hassle for both event and their sponsors.

Home - Invite


Invite companies to create a placement in the digital bag and monitor their progress (sent, opened, clicked, submitted).

Home - Educate


Each bag includes a semi-custom placement builder tool that helps educate companies about the value of offer placements in a digital bag.

Home - Create


The offer builder is the hidden gem of the platform. It enables companies to build their placements in minutes and submit without you touching it!

Home - Manage


You have complete control over the content in the bag. Move up or down, turn on or off, both with simple drag-and-drop actions.

Share the love with your event attendess.

Making a connection for your partners is not possible without visitors. We provide two ways to share; via invitations and link for your website and social media.

All value. No waste.

Behind the scenes, the platform is logging activities in the bag and pulling it all together in simple reports that are easy to distribute to your partners.

Best of all no more papercuts and piles of trash. Our platform has enabled events to deliver digital bags to over 3,500,000 event attendees, effectively eliminating over 13,000,000 sheets of trash. Now you can do your part.

Need more reasons? Used by over 1000 events worldwide.

Whether you have an endurance race, conference, trade show, festival, fundraiser or even university campus events, our platform provides the perfect solution.

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