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Extend activation through the event lifecycle

Manage the process in the platform from start to finish


Manage Content

Invite companies to create their placement in your event bag and monitor their progress during the process.

Invite Visitors

Share your bag before the event with invitations from the platform to optimize peak interest.

During Event

Engage Mobile

Provide additional ways for attendees to access their bags by including the bag in your event's mobile app.

Social Share

Reach your audience where they spend their time by using social media channels to share your bag.


Remind Visitors

Reach your attendees after the event when you send them reminder invites from the platform.

Review Reports

Activities are tracked throughout the process which populate reports showing performance of your event bag.

Built for events of all shapes and sizes

A single solution suited for all events with attendence of all sizes

Tradeshows & Exhibits

Tradeshows and exhibitions use the platform to enable exhibitors or partners with the ability to share special incentives to generate booth traffic and reduce waste from a physical bag.

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Conferences & Meeting

Conferences and meeting organizers around the world are using the platform to share relevant materials and enable their partners to share special offers or incentives with their attendees.

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Endurance Sports

Running, theme and multisport events from the largest marathons to the local 5k use the platform to help sponsors share offers, brand messages and information with their athletes.

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Consumer Expos & Shows

Consumer Expos and Shows leverage the platform to significantly improve the ability for their exhibitors to connect to visitors before, during and after the event. The tool also helps with lead generation by capturing visitor info.

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Festivals & Concerts

Festivals and concerts use the platform to enable bands, brands, merchants and exhibitors the ability to reach the attendees before the event to increase awareness of event activities, merchandsing and special offers.

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Visitor Bureaus

Visitors bureaus leverage the platform to efficiently currate local partner offers and provide additional benefits or solutions to event organizers who choose their city, venue or region to host their event.

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